Finding Personalities (with imperfect photos)

This post is about finding personalities. Freezing otherwise overlooked moments. Creating memories, Occasionally breaking rule. And sometimes pretending you are being attacked by a dinosaur.

Are these the best photos photographically? – Some have perfect focus, clarity, glimmer in the eye and a flawless pose - but sometimes we get lucky and beauty is found in the spontaneity and the essence of life's imperfections …

My latest shoot was for my friend Maggie and her family. She is one of the friendliest, most cheerful people I have ever met so I had no doubt it would be a joy to photograph her along with her son and husband. She is also a breast cancer survivor and very involved in making the world less breast-cancer-having-ish … There was no question that I wanted to give her some really great memories with our images (and I knew she wanted to show off all that great hair she grew back =D !)

Fortunately, I'm not afraid of encountering wildlife during a shoot.

People always amaze me in front of the camera. Could I make him do this? Of course not. Is it great? I thought so.

It's never the obvious shots that are my favorites. Direct sunlight is a "no-no" for the most part and the more I can avoid it the better. But in this case, I think it works. A tight shot of a close family!

The dog got in the way! Or maybe not!? Not a good portrait - but a welcome addition to a group of photos getting to the heart of what this family is like.

His eyes are closed! But it a joyous image capturing the personality?

Hey - he's not even looking at the camera … and direct sunlight with harsh highlights and shadows!!! By the way, they have a waterfall in their yard. Yup!

"I will photograph your family watching TV!" Sounds creepy and lame - but with a chair like that how could I NOT?! …

Let's take a break! … I don't think so kiddo. Click.

Naturally, there were more formal, clear posed images from this shoot. But by far I enjoy looking at the images that wer unplanned and imperfect.

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